Our Mission:

Financial Inclusion.

We create technology for the 1/2 of Americans shut out by the traditional banking system. Our team is driven by our passion to create a financially inclusive world for all. 


What we do

We're redesigning the way low income families interact with the monolithic financial system.

Think plain English vs. legalese, scalable UI vs. expensive call centers and predictive analytics vs. FICO based underwriting. 

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Our Products

We believe that with the right opportunity, low income families can achieve the American dream: good jobs with good wages, safe and affordable housing, financial stability and ultimately, success for  the next generation. 

Since financial stability anchors each of these tenets, our current focus is eradicating predatory financial systems-- a $320 billion dollar industry in the U.S. that affects over 1/2 of all Americans. 


fig loans- payday alternative loans  

Fig Loans offers emergency loans and financial stability products to help low income families get through life's unpredictable challenges. Designed with financial coaches from the United Way, Fig loans are the only small dollar loan products structured specifically in the interest of low income Americans.  

fig36- free lending software for non-profits 

Fig36 is a free loan management platform that eliminates the pain points of operating community loan programs. Fig36 handles loans from start to finish, allowing non-profits to focus on their clients.

fig loans- credit builder loans 

Fig Loans' credit builder loan offers a low cost way to begin building a positive credit history. An active solution to the catch 22 that is building credit-- you need credit to build credit but no one will give you credit if you have none.

scholarship for social impact 

Everyone at Fig is driven by their passion for helping communities become financially healthy, so we've created the Fig Tech Scholarship to help students who aspire to be a positive force for change in their communities. 


Our  Team

Everyone on our team is driven by our passion for helping communities become financially healthy. 

Our team is not from privileged backgrounds, we're where we are today because someone decided to give us, the underdog, an opportunity. We've dedicated ourselves to Fig because our customers are the underdogs of credit, written off by traditional credit scoring, and we're giving them an opportunity. 


may 2016

Financial inclusion starts with better data.

Big data can help up to 580 million people gain access to formal credit for the first time in their lives.

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Get Involved

Fig stands behind our commitment to offer financial products to underbanked Americans in a socially responsible way. If you work at a community organization and are interested in learning more about how to combat predatory financial products, please email us at service@figloans.com. We would love to share what we've learned!